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Orchid substrate peel 5l

Orchid substrate peel 5l Liquid fertilizers
Orchid substrate peel 5l
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COMPOSITION: Vegetable peel, blonde peat and perlite.

Content: 5 liters
PH (H2O): 5.5 - 6.5.
Dry matter: 50%.
Organic / Dry matter: 75%.
Water retention capacity: 320 ml/liter of substrate.


  1. Gently remove the entire orchid from the pot.
  2. Carefully clean the roots by removing the previous substrate. Remove damaged or dead roots.
  3. In the new pot, add clay pellets to the base to facilitate drainage and place a little orchid substrate on top.
  4. Apply the orchid and fill with the Flower Orchid substrate slightly moist.
  5. Lightly press the substrate with your fingers to get the roots in good contact with it.
  6. Install a guide stake (wooden or plastic) to straighten and fasten the orchid stem and water.
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