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WOLF-Garten garden tools
WOLF-Garten garden tools


Bound by tradition – the story of WOLF-Garten

WOLF-Garten is synonymous of the simple, quality and fun in gardening in many European countries. This positive brand footprint is the result of a commitment to implementing a clear corporate principle: facilitating work in the garden through innovation, creating new products in the garden sector and establishing a clear brand position based on its quality. In all of this, we are always concerned about the needs of our customers and put this goal at the forefront: To put more convenience and fun into gardening!

What you need for gardening, tree care, lawn care, and cleanliness inside and outside your home is here! In the favorite company of amateurs and professional gardeners. With badge a wolf, welcome to our garden. Welcome to WOLF-Garten!



It all began with minor inventions that put the WOLF company on the map. One of the first achievements was the draw hoe, a tool designed to make agricultural work easier. Gregor Wolf developed it in 1927 in the ironware factory that his father August Wolf had founded together with his sons Gregor and Otto in 1922. The idea first came to him on his way home from work, while observing local farmers working their fields.


This original innovation was followed by many others. In 1953, ten years after the company was founded, WOLF Geräte GmbH was the first company in Europe to offer rotary blade mowers. In 1958 WOLF introduces the first electric lawn mower in the European market, while in 1975 it makes the quietest gasoline lawn mower in the world!


Over the years, the company has developed a clear and distinctive profile in the “green area”. The WOLF Geräte GmbH of the early era became WOLF-Garten, an established company known for their key skills regarding product quality, product diversity and gardening know-how with an expertise in environmental awareness. The focused research and development work in its own research institutes was just as important for their growth as the development of new market segments.


Core elements of the WOLF-Garten philosophy:

  • WOLF-Garten combines quality and innovation and becomes the experienced partner who supports us, to enjoy garden even more.


  • offers products of the highest quality
  • produces reliable products which are well worth the investment

WOLF-Garten products

  • you have been able to trust for decades
  • offer the latest up-to-date technology "Made in Germany"
  • are inspiring with their attractive timeless design