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Battery garden equipment

When it comes to mowing the lawn, cutting woods, trimming hedges or collecting leaves, we've traditionally relied on petrol machines and corded power garden tools to tackle these jobs. However, the development of battery garden tools is proving to be a game changer: An environmentally friendly alternative to petrol and electric machines is within reach. Most now use lithium-ion batteries, which can be swapped across the range of machines. If we take into account the lack of gasoline and the almost non-existent service, the battery garden tools are now a reliable and also a more economical option.

The great advantage of battery tools is clear: your work is done without cables, without gasoline, with light and silent machines. No power cord hanging off the side and unfurling around the garden, no more worrying about whether our machine will work when we need it - the risk of accidents is reduced and the job is made much easier.