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Ecopots pots
Ecopots pots




Why Ecopots
What sets us apart

The beauty

Ecopots are the only mass market flower pots and planters with a handmade finish. This unique finish gives the pot a natural, matte look.  It’s minimalist design combines form and function and follows the Scandinavian design philosophy. Ecopots are available in six timeless and natural colours.

The original

When we designed Ecopots more than ten years ago, no one had heard about the ‘plastic soup’. No one was thinking about using recycled materials for their flower pots and planters. But we did. We saw the need and potential to use recycled materials for our products and continue to do so today. With the highest amount of recycled materials (up to 80% recycled plastics and 20% recycled natural stone) Ecopots keeps being the market leader in flower pots and planters made from recycled materials.

The durable

Ecopots have a unique blend of recycled plastics and natural stone. This not only makes them highly durable and strong, but also very light. Ecopots are UV proof, break proof and frost resistant which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Ecopots have a lifespan of over 10 years and are completely recyclable.

ECOPOTS product 

Ecopots offers a wide range in design flower pots and planters made from recycled materials. Big or small, round or square and for standing on your floor or hanging on your wall. Whatever kind of pot or planter you prefer, there is always an Ecopots that matches your needs! Discover our collection below, click an image to visit the model page for sizes, options and colours.