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  • What are cookies;

    The cookies are small files sent and stored in the application that you use to navigate the Internet. Each site typically uses one or more cookies they store information it deems necessary for optimal operation.

    This information is included in four (4) main categories:

  •         Required

        Lack of cookies in this category affects the operation of the website greatly. Without cookies, functions such as the connection member to a website, electronic product markets or online payments are not possible.

  •         Performance

        The performance cookies associated with gathering information about the behavior of users when surfing the website and store anonymous information about usage statistics, performance etc. Their purpose is to collect information that improve the functioning of the website.

  •         Usability

        The usability cookies store user data that will enable the next user visiting the website. The data can be anonymous, and are not available in the user's navigation of other sites.

  •         Advertising

        Used to select and display ads tailored to the interests of the user.

  •     The cookies at Garden Experts

    The online store Garden Experts, uses cookies to provide better services and enhanced experience to its users. The introduction of regulations and legislative framework for the use of cookies is an effort underway. The configuration of these rules is something very new in both Greek and European level.

  •     What information stores Garden Experts;

   The cookies of Garden Experts shop within the categories necessary, performance and usability.

    The information stored concerning the services of Garden Experts and used exclusively for them.

  •     There are other cookies that are created with my visit to the shop site Garden Experts;

    The Garden Experts uses Google services for recording traffic statistics.

    The cookies are governed by the privacy policy of Google personal data (

  •     My personal information is safe when I use Garden Experts;

    Yes. In Garden Experts we pay special attention to our users' personal information and not to share with companies, organizations or individuals.

  •     How activated cookies and how do I check?

    Most internet browsers are made in such a way that they automatically accept cookies. If you do not wish their automatic activation you can use the browser's settings to control and manage the cookies are created.

    However, without cookies you will be unable to sign in or register as a member and to use certain services such as "favorite products", "Product recommendations", "guest", etc.

  •     Can I delete the cookies of Garden Experts;

   More generally, any user can at any time to delete all cookies stored in the application. All known web browsers provide this facility to their users via the "Help" or "Settings".