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Kitchen gardening

A small garden in your kitchen!

Whether you put them in your kitchen or in another room, you have right next to you your favorite herbs or vegetables! Easily create your little garden and enjoy it with your family!

Small but very effective, the Vilmorin Viviana indoor flower pot is ideal for familiarizing you with the kitchen-gardening culture. It gives you the ability to cultivate two plants of your choice anywhere in your home. You can start with some aromatic plant and maybe strawberries! Starter Kit: St..
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Vilmorin's Vilma indoor flower pot, designed in style, is elegant but compact and contributes to the growth of your plants. It gives you the opportunity to adopt the "kitchen-gardening" philosophy by cultivating 3 plants next to the place you cook or work. Starter kit: Start your ga..
Ex Tax:111.77€
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