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Multi-star® tools
Multi-star® tools

Multi-star® Tools

The multi-star® tool system is “Made in Germany”. This provides you with a promise regarding superiorquality materials, excellent workmanship, innovative function and excellent design – features that are bundled in the one-of-a-kind WOLF-Garten quality guarantee.




Able to cope with any challenge
Combine more than 70 different attachments with eight different handle types that have been developed for various applications.

The multi-star® system offers suitable attachments for all garden, pond and cleaning work and will impress you with its many advantages:

  • Quick and easy changing of the tool heads with just a "click" without lengthy screwing in.
  • All the attachments can be combined with all the handles (one handle for all kinds of work).
  • Handles in various lengths to suit your body size for ergonomic work without straining your back.
  • Extendible handles allow safe working at height without ladders.
  • The quality of construction is such that the tools can withstand even the most extreme stresses.
  • The special coating makes them especially long-lasting and resistant to weathering.




multi-star® wants to help your back

Most people have a problem with their backs. That serves as a reminder of important good posture is. Help your back by using the different handle lengths of our multi-star® system to allow you to remain upright and relaxed during garden work. Our soil tilling tools are oriented towards a special precision working angle so that you can work in the garden with less effort and with a consistent working depth.