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Dill seeds 518

Dill seeds 518 Aromatics seeds
Dill seeds 518
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The leaves of dill fresh and spicy taste, recalling both, fennel and mint are used for seasoning salads and fish. Its seeds, cumin relatives, used to flavor pickles, vinegar and canned. Dill softness blends perfectly with cooked or marinated salmon.

Sowing advice:
1. Sowing: Sow from March to May in your pots or planters placed right exposure and tamp the soil.
2. Thinning: At 3-4 leaf stage, pull the smaller plants to conserve only two per pot.
3. Harvest: Harvest the leaves from May to September. You can also grow dill directly in your garden.

Related Plants:
Dill likes the proximity of cabbage because it makes it more resistant and productive.