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Chervil seeds 510

Chervil seeds 510 Aromatics seeds
Chervil seeds 510
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This aromatic plant at the base of "herbal" fully justifies the etymology of its name which means "pleasing herb" for its subtle and delicate fragrance that compliments perfectly cooked dishes. Chervil can raise the taste of dishes: salads, soups, and sauces.

Sowing advice:
1. Sowing: Sow all year apart from 20 cm line from mid-March to June in a sunny position, from July to October in the shade and from November to March under shelter.
2. Thinning: At 4-5 leaf stage, if your seeding is too thick, thin pulling them smaller plants.
3. Harvest: Collect the strands reach about 10 cm. You can grow chervil all year in pots or planters on your balcony or inside.

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Chervil love the proximity to the salad that protects against mildew.