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Basil purple 509

Basil purple 509 Aromatics seeds
Basil purple 509
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This plant, native to India where it was attributed a divine nature, is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, to which it brings a fresh taste of lemon tarragon.
Basil is ideal to decorate and flavor salads, vegetables, meats and sauces. Some chopped leaves in a bottle of olive oil used to flavor seasonings.

Sowing advice:
1. Sowing: Sow from March to May in pots or planters placed your in sunny exposure.
2. Transplanting: In the 4-5 leaf stage, replant your basil plants always sunny.
3. Harvest: Harvest from May to October.

Related Plants:
Basil likes the proximity of the cucumber because it protects it from mildew and makes it more productive.