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Melon galia 741F

Melon galia 741F Vegetable seeds
Melon galia 741F
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A variety common in the markets of Southern Europe, it produces round melons with orange-yellow skin and greenish flesh with an extremely sweet taste. Suitable for fruit salads, desserts and ice cream.

Sowing Tips:
1. Sowing: Sow in February-June in a sunny location, 5-6 seeds in small shallow holes spaced 1m x 60cm.
2. Thinning: At the 3-4 leaf stage thin out keeping one shoot in each pit. Water a lot. 
3. Harvest: Pick the ripe melons when the fruit becomes more open colored. 

Related plants:
Melons like the proximity to leeks, as it protects them from pests like fusarium.