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Liquid chelated iron 250ml

Liquid chelated iron 250ml Liquid fertilizers
Liquid chelated iron 250ml
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Flower Liquid Iron is a liquid formula for dealing with iron deficiencies in any type of plant. Easy and fast application and long lasting response from the plant.

Root application: Dissolve one full dose, 20 ml (1 lid) in 4 liters of water (ie 5 ml per liter of water) and water with this solution.
Foliar application: Dissolve 5 ml in 2 liters of water and spray, leaving plenty of solution in the vegetation. Foliar lubrication achieves a quick but not lasting effect. Recommended only at specific times. Treat after sunrise. Take spring precautions as best results are achieved or intervene immediately after the first symptoms start.
Take a monthly dose for maintenance.

CE FERTILIZER - Iron based fertilizer solution.
2.5% Water-soluble iron (Fe) in EDDHSA chelate.
PH range to ensure stability: 3-12. Use only in case of recognized feeding.