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Fertilizer for geraniums 800g

Fertilizer for geraniums 800g Granular fertilizers
Fertilizer for geraniums 800g
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Flower Geranium and Flowering Plant Fertilizer is a fertilizer that can be applied either dissolved in water or as is, around the root of the plant, ideal when plants are watered with an automatic watering system.


Dissolved in water: 4 gr of fertilizer per liter of water

Granular: Scatter 20 g around the root of the plant

How to use: From February to July and from September to November apply the fertilizer once a week. The rest of the year apply every 15 days. Apply the fertilizer dissolved in water. Alternately scatter the fertilizer granules in moist soil around the root of the plant. Water lightly so that the fertilizer is not carried away by excess water. Do not apply the fertilizer at midday or when the temperature is very high.

Store the fertilizer in its original packaging. Store in a dry and cool, well-ventilated area, away from children or food and animal feed.