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"Supra" lawn fertilizer for 4 months 2kg

"Supra" lawn fertilizer for 4 months 2kg Granular fertilizers
"Supra" lawn fertilizer for 4 months 2kg
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The Supgra microgranulate elite lawn fertilizer is a progressive-release fertilizer that provides the necessary nutrients to the lawn for 3-4 months when it needs it.
With this fertilizer the grass grows in a progressive and uniform way. In addition, the progressive release of the Supgra Microgranulated Elite Lawn Fertilizer minimizes the loss of fertilizer during the irrigation , as it is better used.
The small size of the microgranule (1-3mm) allows the fertilizer to be distributed evenly and therefore, its effect is the same in all areas with grass.

Start applying the fertilizer in early spring (March) and repeat every twof months during the summer and autumn seasons. We do not lubricate in the middle of summer (August) and winter.

CE NPK 20-5-8 FERTILIZER with urea formaldehyde, magnesium and sulfur.