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"Aqouaplant" crystalline 100g

"Aqouaplant" crystalline 100g Granular fertilizers
"Aqouaplant" crystalline 100g
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Aqouaplant is a water-saving product consisting of super absorbent hydrogels capable of maintaining up to 400 times their water weight. In addition to water, hydrogels also absorb nutrients. By applying them we are able to improve the efficiency of lubrication with significant water savings of about 50%.

The extension and shrinkage of polymers also improves the physical properties of the culture substrate.

You can administer AQUAPLANT by mixing it with soil during planting or transplanting, or add it to the growing medium in the case of plants that are already planted. It is recommended to mix with the substrate at doses of 2 grams per liter of substrate (one pack per 5 liters of substrate). In pots or on ground plants, place AQUAPLANT by making several holes in the soil and following the above doses.

COMPOSITION: Polycrystals (PAM)