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"Aqouaplant" water absorb gel 150ml

"Aqouaplant" water absorb gel 150ml Granular fertilizers
"Aqouaplant" water absorb gel 150ml
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Aqouaplant is a water-saving product made of cellulose microcrystals and enriched with nutrients that provide the moisture and nutrients needed a plant to survive for 15 to 30 days without any other care.

COMPOSITION: water, cellulose and nutrients. Non-toxic.

  1.   Water well.
  2.   Make a small hole in the ground.
  3.   Open and place the container face down (without removing it). Examine the content in about 15 days.

1 aquaplant for every 15 cm diameter.

Keep out of reach of children. It is kept in a cool, dry environment.