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Mycorrhiza "Micoplus" 2 x 3g

Mycorrhiza "Micoplus" 2 x 3g Organic fertilizers
Mycorrhiza "Micoplus" 2 x 3g
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MICOPLUS of the Bioflower series is a natural organic product made of fungus mycorrhiza. It is a combination of "endotropic" and "extracorporeal" mycorrhizae, capable of colonizing the roots of all types of plants, creating a mechanism of plant/fungal coexistence. Dissolve the contents of 1 envelope (3 g) in water sufficient to normally water about 10 plants. Administer the neat, without mixing it with any other product. Precautions: Do not use fungicides in the soil for up to 2-3 weeks after application, as there is a risk of inhibiting the growth process of these fungal roots.

Product of specific action
Product with specific action in the field
Preparation of mycorrhiza fungi
Twig 23%. By weight
Rhizosphere bacteria 1x102 UFC / g
Does not contain Tricoderma.
Organic base: humus
It does not contain genetically modified organisms or pathogens.