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Prevention of "Blossom End Rot" on tomatoes

Prevention of "Blossom End Rot" on tomatoes Organic fertilizers
Prevention of "Blossom End Rot" on tomatoes
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The Tomato prevention of "blossom end rot" in the Bioflower series, is a fully water soluble fertilizer in the form of grains for both foliar and root application. Ideal for improving quality and for stabilizing fruits. High calcium content speeds up performance and prevents physiopathies, such as black tomato rotting, cracks in cherry and grape fruit, burning or burnt pear or bitter apples, etc. Enhances rooting, improved rooting and increases disease resistance. It also plays an important role in the radical growth of plants.

Water-soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO), total: 18%
Calcium oxide (CaO) forms complex with LS: 13.6%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) Chelate in EDTA Complex: 4.1%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) forms complex with AC: 0.3%
PH range to ensure stability: 4-9.